Brothers Pyrotechnics Extreme Machines


Royal Knight the 1st
These are quite brilliant for a multiple rockets pack;they never let you down and always show the best effects/performance and are much better in many ways to a 1.4 rocket pack, all have a nice bang and wonderfully good burst too ;)


Royal Knight the 1st
but are they as good as the Mega pack from Epic? Similar price, both 1.3g, but these are 15 rockets, and Epic's is 21?
That's a good point somersetpyro but having loads of rockets, even if they are excellent quality, gets a tad boring, better to have fewer good quality 1.3g rockets bearing in mind not everybody has a rocket-rack or the inclination on the day of November 5th to build one. ;)
but surely if you wanted fewer, larger rockets, you'd get some hawks, or Astro Blasters?
Extreme Machines and Mega are very similar rockets, similar size bursts and effects, i'd rather have the 6 extra for the money. And you could also save them for another time :)


Sovereign the 6th
Well that video is good but I like my rockets and if I had chance I would buy above and epics mega pack. Their is always room and never enough rockets in anyone's stash. :)