Extra firework sales periods for extra national events;should it be allowed?

Should seasonals be allowed to sell fireworks for extra national events/celebrations that come up?

  • No they should not things should stay as they are.

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Royal Knight the 2nd
I think some extensions allowed to firework sales periods for seasonal outlets and supermarkets in regard to things like last years Diamond Jubilee and other national events that may spring up should be allowed within existing legislation;it's nice for the country to get together and have firework displays private and public to celebrate any extra national celebrations and events that come along, and I think UK manufacturers/importers should also respond to that by producing limited edition special fireworks that celebrate those events in appropriate colours/effects(in 2002 Standard manufactured a couple of special limited edition fireworks for the 2002 Golden Jubilee and sold them thru retailers). I also remember in the 1990's Standard & Brock's International encouraged retailers to sell fireworks for VE Day and a fair few shops DID in response to that (I got a fair few Standard and Brock's Fireworks myself for that occasion as did a few other people and myself and the onlookers enjoyed them at a VE Day bonfire at a pub). :D :D :p :p


Sovereign the 6th
Problem is you would have the moody complaining alot, but i find its a good idea, it would bring in a lot more sales through year.