Event: Drayton Manor Fireworks 2015

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Royal Knight the 1st
Sep 6, 2014
West Midlands
Drayton Manor Fireworks 2015

To close their main season, they will be doing a special fireworks event running for three nights, also looks to be a bit more special this year as it is their 65th Anniversary.

Fireworks Spectacular:

Friday 30th October
Saturday 31st October
Sunday 1st November

In celebration of our 65th Anniversary, join us as we go out with a bang for a 3 night War of the Worlds Fireworks spectacular.

Once the sun goes down, make your way to the lake where you and the whole family will be dazzled by our breathtaking fireworks display to Jeff Wayne's multi-million pound selling musical version of War of the Worlds. Set to the original War of the Worlds music, the fantastic colourful array of lights is set to be the one of the biggest and best fireworks display in the Midlands. Not only will the display feature breathtaking fireworks it will also feature exciting props, ailens and space ships plus a 30ft high Martian. This really is an event not to be missed!
You can book online in advance for discounts.

Fireworks Spectacular
0844 472 1950

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