Do you celebrate halloween?

I love halloween. autumn has arrived the smell of bonfires in the air. dressing up decorating the house to see all the local kids faces. halloween is my favourite holiday. do you celebrate halloween? if not why not? please comment your thoughts on halloween


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yes, I do as you know,;) But, I have started seeing flying around the comments from parents that are concerned that its a type of begging and they are not safe from being kidnapped or having dangerous stuff within the sweets. I would say, Go with your child. join in on the fun, There is no reason why they should miss out, especially while there are plenty of other dangers out there.

on that note, there is a whole topic about the fact you only see the odd house decorate for it. Unless you come to ours where it looks like death has literally made his home.:D
Big outdoor party with food, a lit wood brazier, some less noisy (no bangs) selection box type fireworks with colours the odd whistle here and there plus a little crackle, novelty Halloween fountains i.e TNT Pumpkin, Standard Frankystein, Standard Skull, the Bright Star Four Fountain Pack (the four scarey heads), and novelty sparklers for the kiddies (Standard Star type and TNT Halloween type), plus alcoholic drink for the adults and Halloween themed foods and cakes for the kids plus soft drinks for them and carved out Halloween pumpkins lit by candles spread around the garden. :)
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I personally don't do alcohol as I don't like drinking. we had a party for halloween last year in a social club so people could please themselves I would upload pics but has family members on who might not want there pics uploaded


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TBH, he was a good attraction for the locals, They were all asking where we got him from. and that little kid soon as she saw him running and screaming.