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Oct 6, 2012
Bonfire Night also known as guy fawkes night, and new years eve. Local councils and event organisers hold firework displays, either free or charge administration. New Years and guy fawkes is a time to set off consumer fireworks to uphold a UK tradition. This article explains the difference between the 2 and the benefits of doing both.

Local Firework Displays
Traditionally it was known for all neighbours to gather wood and other items and take them round to a central neighbour who would then host a bonfire for bonfire night, each neighbour would then bring fireworks to donate and have a celebration at ones house. Today we see less and less bonfires and garden parties for this event, as we find it more acceptable to goto a organised bonfire and firework event.

You are perfectly legal to hold your own bonfire and fireworks display in your own back garden. You can read more about back garden fireworks here: Garden bonfires Law and history and as long as you follow the firework code: Fireworks Code | Bonfire Night Traditions

Advice on DIY or professional fireworks company can be found here: Professional Fireworks or DIY

Almost all local towns/villages have a community bonfire and or just fireworks, for bonfire night, And these events are paid by local councils or event organisers who are able to get the money during the year. Local events can either be free, charge for tickets, or donations to gather the money back from buying the fireworks, and other costs.

You will also find that these big council firework events, are performed by a local firework display company. And in most cases not all local firework events have bonfires, as these are restricted over health and safety. In other cases you have small events such as your local pub or social club, buy consumer fireworks and use these to celebrate bonfire night.

What to expect at a local event
Most of the time a local organised firework display will be performed on a set time. usually a default time you will find across any event is between 6-8pm, if a local firework and bonfire event is taking place. They will light the bonfire between a default time of 5-6. Most of these firework events, have many food and gift stores, and rides for the children.

Attending local fireworks display and safety
just as you would with consumer fireworks, safety is the utmost first thing you need to organise. Here is a list to consider when attending a local firework event.
  • Make sure you wear suitable clothing, that will keep you dry and warm.
  • take a form of contact just incase of emergency, such as a mobile phone, money for a payphone.
  • Try organising going to these events with a group.
  • Never take fireworks that includes sparklers to bonfire and firework events.
  • Never take animals to firework events, as the loud bangs scare them.
  • Always follow instructions if any from the organised event.
  • Don't take drinks to these events.
If in doubt about what take or what not to take then ring the venue that is hosting the event.

Where to find local bonfire and firework events
you can find loads of local firework events on our list found here: Local Firework Displays and Events | Seasonal Forum you can use the filter to find your local display within your region.

DIY Fireworks Display
You can have best of both worlds, as most local firework events happen during a run upto guy fawkes. But having your own display. you lose out on big burst - that you only a professional company can use. but you do make it up with a good spectacular garden display.

why just stick to one when you can have 2, each year you hear in the newspapers especially the animal lovers expressing their rage over bonfire night should only be for organised events. To be on the both end of the war, pet owners have responsibility during the run up to to firework night to sort their animal out and make then very comfortable during that night. - It is a very old UK tradition to have and use safely consumer fireworks in the back garden.

Why do a diy show
When you think on doing a diy show it doesn't mean it will always cover you home. A lot of small event organisers use consumer firework for a gathering during bonfire night. As this can be cheaper and just fits in for that evening. As stated above it is also a tradition stemming back years in the UK.

Here is a summary to both local displays and doing a DIY:

Local Firework events
  • They can be bigger and larger then home displays.
  • They are a good way to socialise with you friendly neighbours.
  • A brilliant way to bring your self into the ambiens of bonfire night.
  • A good family fun night out.
DIY Firework display

  • Having the convenience of your back garden.
  • You have the pleasant choice of choosing your own fireworks.
  • Generally it's more fun and gaining experience in letting of fireworks.
  • It can be more ideal if you local council does not hold their own display.

Organising a public display
If you want to take the plunge and organise a display for you local area, there's a lot of things to consider when planning. Always take special care when planning a display, always consider the worst case. Plan ahead and cover the entire evening.

There is an official safety advice from the government that you need to cover when planning you organised display.
You can find it here: (https://www.gov.uk/government/uploa...e/31866/10-1039-fireworks-safety-displays.pdf)
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