Differences Between Bs7114 And European Standard Bsen15495 Fireworks

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Royal Knight the 2nd
Feb 13, 2013
I have recently tried two versions of Brightstar Wonderful Waterfalls Fountains in BS7114 and BSEN15495 specifications and there were surprising differences between both-

The BS7114 compliant cat 3 ones lasted a good duration with 3 separate effects and were more effective performance wise, it has 3 tubes and is heavier,

The BSEN15495 compliant cat 2 ones were tbh rather poorer, it seems like Bright Star have crammed two effects into one tube and put the third effect in a second tube and these lasted much shorter about 50 odd seconds each. These weigh much lighter as well.

The performance of the BSEN15495 spec fountains looks a mess too-one effect happens then the second one shortly afterward (this is what you get when you pack two effects into one tube) and while the second effect is still going the third effect tube kicks in.

Now I have three schools of thought with this-

it's either

a)bad poor quality manufacture,

b)watering down of existing products to meet the BSEN15495 specification ie more effects into less tubes for example,

b)or it's a cost saving measure by the firework importers and distributors because the cost of materials etc has risen and they have to cut down to get it within more affordable levels.

Therefore is it NOT possible at all to pass all the existing BS7114 products into the BSEN15495 specification without any need to modify severely as Bright Star Fireworks or their importer has done?