Dancing Red Devils

Hey guys just wondered if anyone had purchased a product from these before or this year and would like to share any information for a product then go for it, will list my purchases 1 x hell raiser 1 x fields of fire both 16 shot 2 x devils storm 32 shot per tube and 1 bright star 19 shot cake (Y)
bought the 19shot bright star cake the last 2 years now, amazing for £3.99, it doesnt last long but there all good bangs! Feilds of fire is also a good one i got this one too, dont think they had it last year but they had another one with the same amount of shots and size which was brillliant so i gather its the same just a different name.
yeah shame the 19 shot is good its just doesn't last long enough luckily round here it was buy 1 get two free on small cakes resulting in getting 3 cakes for just £6
noo keeping them all till bonfire night, but i did have a simular one last year and that was pretty good! cant fault it for the price though
Ryanoo said:
joshuadavies_ said:
bargin! i paid £6 for just the feilds of fire alone
definatly I knew how much they would be separately have you fired the fields yet ?
Global said:
Hi Guys

I did DRD last year had no problems with them.

I have come across a shop in leicester with some DRD at really good prices.
You must have been one of the lucky ones :) .
But if you are happy enough with it then fill your boots!
Just becareful of the hiked up RRP's though, 75% off RRP for DRD stuff is about the going rate lol.