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Oct 11, 2012
The cyber box contains the following, silver star battery *2, chrysanthemum fountain *2, giddy diddle fountain, chicco chicco fountain, domino fountain, quathro fountain, junior chicco fountain, gaint supervolcano fountain, volcano fountain *2 and roman candle 5 shot *2

Average Price: £7.98
Manufacturer: Weco
Importer: Lidl

Firework Name: Silver Star Battery

The Good Bits:
Shots: 60
Noise Rating:
Firework Type: Roman Candle
Average Bore Size: N/A
Firework Classification: 1.4G
Firework Effects: shoots stars

Aditional Info:
Safety Distance:
Dimensions: 1" round 3" long, comes in 2" square 3" long box

Personal Comment: Although it says 60 shots i only counted about 20-40 video should be able to confirm how many, for part of a cheap pack ok for the price.

Firework Name: Giddy Diddle Fountain, Firework Name: Chicco Chicco Fountain Firework Name: Domino Fountain , Firework Name: Quathro Fountain , Firework Name: Junior Chicco Fountain , Firework Name: Gaint Super Volcano Fountain, Firework Name: Volcano Fountain, Firework Name: Roman Candle

Note: Some of the videos quality is little poor it is because of a problem on my camcorder so some of the earlier videos might not be great but most should be fine.

For Mods: I have removed some of the generic information from each firework itself and placed it at the top like manufacturer, importer etc as there the same for each firework, if you want me to put it back in let me know and i will fix it later once i am putting the videos in. I will fill in the rest of the information after i have the videos just getting the template out of the way.
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