CYber fireworks selection box

Has anyone bought this and can give a idea of the contents ie numebr of fountains etc and maybe a idea of sound levels only thing i dnt like about aldi and lidl they dnt give that type of info tesco and that does
The Cyber Box, Fire Pack, and Ipanema are exactly the same models as last year, classified under BS7114. They have no issues with them and are always a nice buy.


Wizard the 2nd
Can not beat the Cyber box for quality, NEC and value for money. One of the small cones in there contains 38g? of composition. Can not be beaten for the price. The Fire pack is also worth a look a few nice cakes and candles in there.
Cyberbox is brilliant had it last year got it again this year don't let the maybe faulty Aquila put you off Lidl's other fireworks as the rest are great value for money and no problem's previously that I know of.
I thought the the rockets were fine acouple crap but compared to Tesco ones still miles ahead as they were terrible last year lol.
Wee boy loved the rockets made me set one off the other day and all the neighbours were at there window after it went off :D