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Nov 28, 2021
New York
I watched the Christmas countdown, very closely on each website.
(Yea, there's a Television monitor attached to my sleigh. )
First, virtually every "countdown" website was 100% perfectly synced.
The Countdowns were all accurate to within a second.
(except for Norad Santa, which doesn't countdown to Christmas. Instead, they track Santa's journey).
(Plus, Days.to/until/christmas chooses the UTC Time-zone, by default).
There are other minor anomalies.
Such as Tickcounter; which counts down until New Years, by default. Unless you choose otherwise.

(part 2)
Here's the main issue regarding those countdown pages.
When nearing Christmas at 12:00 am, there were (perhaps) 4 different options.
-- Either, the countdown timer would run down to ZERO.
or, -- the countdown would reach a Celebration climax when reaching zero seconds.
or, -- The countdown would immediately start over, at 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes.
or finally, -- it would counting upward SINCE Christmas. (21 minutes since Christmas, etc).

(part 3)
-- I noticed that four websites gave a worthwhile celebration.
"onlineclock.net", "Christmascountdown.holiday", "yourChristmasCountdown",
and "xmasclock.com" (which offered the best reward).

-- Meanwhile, "online-stopwatch.com" simply stopped at Zero, when the countdown ended.

-- The worst is when the countdown immediately starts over, at 12:01 AM Christmas Day.
(such as countingdownto.com). It lacked any celebration or grand finale.
"There are 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes and 55 seconds until Christmas".

-- Ultimately, I preferred "TimeandDate.com"; which thence began counting minutes SINCE Christmas.
and, several days later, it continues to count onward. That's Great !!
"There are 2 days, 17 hours, 53 minutes SINCE Christmas".
Eventcountdown.com also uses this method. Allowing the festivities to continue.
......It really feels like Christmas is here; and, it has just begun.
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