Cosmic Fireworks

Hi everyone,

My apologies if I'm in the wrong place. Does anyone know of any supermarkets or garden centre chains that are stocking Cosmic Fireworks? I seem to remember Cosmic was one of the main retail brands some years ago and seems to have been overtaken by TNT more recently, but they weren't a bad brand.
Any ideas? I'm in North Wales if that helps. Cheers!
No national chains stock them, maybe some local independents might but I don't know of anywhere. Imo you aren't missing out on much, they aren't the brand they used to be 15 years ago :)
The Cosmic name was purchased by Chestnut Trading (Springtime Garden Centre) after the original owner died. Some of the same products continue, but many are rebadged Night Star Fireworks, British Bulldog Fireworks, Fire Star Fireworks, Scorpion Fireworks. If you contacted Cosmic fireworks 01283 520 771 they can tell you local stockists, but you are better to speak to a firework shop that is open all year round who will know their stock better than a supermarket or one of the dodgy temporary shops that popup that pile them high, other wise your money will be really just going up in smoke.