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Discussion in 'Seasonal Tavern - Off Topic' started by Somersetpyro, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Somersetpyro Moderator


    Sovereign the 7th

    So who's been to one? Do you have a particular band/artist who you go to see on every tour? Do you have any booked for later this year/next year?

    I've not always been big on live music, so I hadn't seen any big artists play live before. But I went to the opening night of Bastille's Wild World tour in Bournemouth last night with my gf, and i'm now completely hooked! They were very good, played a mix of their new songs and old ones off their first album, and Pompeii at the end was something else, got the whole auditorium going. Shame the first support act was shite lol, but the other one was decent :)
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  2. Alexs21


    Wizard the 3rd

    Would love to see someone like Eric Clapton or David Gillmour in London some time as I've not been to many big concerts :)
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  3. Vladster


    Royal Knight the 5th

    The only concert i've ever been to was the Monsters of Rock festival down in Donnington back in 1995. I was part of a security firm that looked out for people selling bootleg gear, i was only 17 at the time so i had to lie about my age lol but that was a real eye opener for me....i think i seen almost everything you could possibly see at one of these events. Metallica were the headline act and the place went absolutely mental when they came on stage. It was an experience i'll never forget :)

    I'd be up for going to concerts but my wife has zero interest in it.....she'd rather go and see a musical or a play at the theatre.
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  4. Fazer


    Baronet the 2nd

    Only concert I have been to was to see Bon Jovi at Coventry in 2008. I tried too get tickets too see Green Day next year at Manchester arena but they sold out in minutes. The Snickerdoodle! ticket touting sites got their hands on them and are selling them on for double the price! Thats just for the crap seats at the back or right at the top! Have to pay £140+ for a ticket to stand or for a decent seat. :mad:
  5. Somersetpyro Moderator


    Sovereign the 7th

    It’s been a brilliant couple of years for live music, so wondering if anyone’s seen anyone good of recent? Need to get a few more gigs on my hit list :)

    I’ve been really lucky this year, managed to get to Coldplay at the Millenium Stadium in July last year, which was very special, then we did The Killers at the Genting Arena in November who were also superb, and finally Imagine Dragons last night at the Genting, who were nothing short of incredible, I can’t recommend going to watch them enough, and anyone with tickets for Glasgow, Manchester or the O2 are in for a treat!
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