Christmas Trees And Fireworks



Now who ever said you cannot link Fireworks and Christmas? Well here at Seasonal Traditions HQ we founded our idea that we can link UK holiday to each other, We set out to look for links between fireworks (Here in the UK Fireworks are celebrated during GUY Fawkes Day/Night also known as Bonfire Night) to Christmas and look at what pictures we found, Now that’s awesome, impressive, wonderful. We love and we hope you do too.

Images Courtesy of Google Images

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Yeah they hardly do them on Christmas lights switch on... Be nice to see if anyone catch one though. :)
we haven't been to tauntons lights on thing last few years, it got all crap where we stood around for 2 hours, only for some of the lights not to work, they fireworks were the only good thing that happened, but we'll have to see this year, apparently last year was an improvment
We apparently had a nice little fireworks display after the switch on on Friday, which I couldnt make :(
fireworks enhance everything, i saw a very touching thing on the news where a rugby player from down here who died, wanted his ashes scattered by fireworks, which his wife set off.
hopefully taunton's switch on will have the fireworks, even if we don't go to the switch on we can see the fireworks from our house