Christmas Jumpers Morph Costumes 2014



Christmas Jumpers Morph costumes, choose you desired jumper from the Carolling Kitty to the snowing snowing-globe, Download the app for the desired jumper and what this years standard plain old deign living up. But be prepared to gain some extra attention this year as they do look very cool and appealing.

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these are NOT cool, they are fine on christmas day but would you wear it outside? i wouldn't
and if i see anyone in the cat one i will personally throw it (the jumper not the wearer) over the wier! :D:p
morph halloween t-shirt is fine halloween is a night to let your hair down :)
and anyway, i said they're not cool, doesn't mean they aren't awesome and funny....:D
its the cat one i dislike mainly, that has no taste whatsoever (my opinion only though)