Christmas crafts 2018

Me and my friend are doing wooden advent calendars and Xmas eve boxes and anything we can think of
Good call! I had wanted to do the boxes last year but ran out of time. We always have new pjs (inc adults), a movie/new book etc. Just need to decide whether to do individual ones our one large one. Maybe a wooden crate would be nice
I'm getting crafty this year as well. I haven't made anything so far but I do have some ideas in mind. For my friend who is going on an exchange from January until May and for a friend who lives in Germany, I'm making them photo journals. In these journals, you put pictures with that person in it and you write a memory that has to do with that Photo. All you need is a journal with blank pages or a small sketchbook, pictures that are printed out, glue and markers or pens to write down the memories.