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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Christmas Card Exchange 2019 is now open. Please get your addresses in by no later than November 14th 2019.

REMEMBER: You need to be active on the forum.


Register here, - make sure you choose -- Christmas Card Exchange -- in your favourite season drop down option.

You will need to private message me ( @Gaz ) on the forum with your address to be included.

Choose Inbox:

example 1.jpg

example 2.jpg
1) Type Gaz into the recipient's address.
2) Type: Christmas Card Exchange address in the title bar
3) Put your name and address in the field.
4) Click Start Conversation.
example 3.jpg

I will then get back to you, to confirm your address was placed into the list.

For you to receive the list, please be active on this forum as well.

The participating address will be sent out on the 15th of November. Please make sure you get oversea cards out by no later than 15th of December 2019.

I hope this clears things up. Spend some time on the forum, introduce yourself so you get a feel for how it works on there.

If anyone is still struggling to work the forum, i.e. on how to register or what to do, in general, please let me know.

Christmas Card Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I signed up last year Through the Facebook group. Do I have to sign up again this year?
A: Yes. The list starts fresh every year, and we have moved to the forum for better handling.

Q: How big is the list?
A: The list can change every year.

Q: Where do these cards go to and from?
A: Most are in the United States, and the UK. But people are from different country's.

Q: Isn’t my mail address information personal to be handing out?
A: Yes it is, So we encourage to be wise, Use a work address, use an alternative address that is not linked to your personal home. Somewhere you will be able to obtain your cards. Seasonal Traditions does this as a Tradition each Year and we accept no liability for the information you share. We only provide the list to who sign up for this, We destroy all trace of our copies anything that is passed for this event, each year. We will say it is best to be cautious and not use a primary address to receive mail. Your information is not used or sold for anything else. If you have concerns over a certain user knowing your details. Please provide any evidence to why and we will take it further.

Above all, have fun! and enjoy the cards.
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