Christmas 2017 - What Are Your Plans ?


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For me it will be :

On Christmas Eve, I will be at a friends house on Christmas Eve for drinks, a few pre-Christmas nibbles and bit of Netflix movies and series on the 70in Smart TV and surround sound home cinema system (normal TV at Christmas Eve is RUBBISH, thank god for on-demand and subscription film / TV services which offer an alternative to the rubbish terrestrial satellite and cable channels pump out, the films and series on these services are often way better, many in HD or UHD 4K quality and top notch Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and even Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound on selected UHD programmes and films : which is the next step up in home cinema sound quality and is incredible having personally experienced it in the cinema),

- Christmas Day : i'll be up at the friend's farm which I did the Nov 5 display at for his bonfire party, with Christmas telly and drinks plus loveable children crawling around my feet, being sooooo nice and wanting me to cuddle them (and they're so sweetly well behaved and lovely mannered unlike many kids I've seen and met) then Christmas lunch late afternoon around 4.30pm-ish for everybody and after dinner ice-fountains and a box of evening garden fireworks without the bangs followed by indoor sparklers and beer,

- Boxing Day : lavish leftovers Boxing Day buffet with a group of lads, and day after RECOVER and back to some sort of normality until the pangs and fun of NYE with midnight fireworks and pre midnight drinks and nibbles ;)

Now over to you, what are your plans? :)
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I'm at work Christmas eve and boxing day, so it's all about the big day. We'll start off with some home made brioche and some presents, then the family come over for a big lunch and a few drinks, some more presents in the afternoon, and then whatever trash is on the TV into the evening with a few more drinks lol