Choosing A Barbecue

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Oct 6, 2012
Choose the right barbecue

Barbecues are a very much loved British tradition. No summer goes by without someone set up a barbecue and inviting family and friend. They can come in all shapes and sizes, from your small kettle BBQ to a table top with a grill.

Barbecues can cost a lot, and these cost can vary from your cheap £10 charcoal kettle BBQ and other can set you back thousands. Why not view the range of BBQ in the Supermarket BBQ section.

What is the ideal BBQ?

Ideally before you start shopping for your BBQ, It's worth thinking what type of model you need for you and the occasion you will be mainly needing it for.

If you are going to be BBQ for upto 7 people, Ideally. a Medium sized charcoal barbecue or a two burner gas barbecue will do. These will give you enough room to place any meet on there for that amount of people.

For bigger gatherings and parties consider the upgrade to a three or four burner, But for a good rule of thumb, start with medium or two gas burner for upto 7 three gas burner, - medium charcoal between 7 - 10 people and four to five burner gas barbecue and large barbecue between 10 to 14 people. Well you get the flow. If 3 more people come consider 6 burner barbecue. The grills will get bigger and better for the food you will need to cook.

So if you need a large charcoal barbecue - you would be best using barrels or oil drums. These are the best and large model of barbecues currently available. Not only would you be able to fit a fine amount of food on the grills they are very please for the summer parties and even bonfire night. The downfall of these type of charcoal grills that they use alot of charcoal and that can get very much pricey. and if you have a really bad design the charcoal will not get hot enough leading to undercooked food.

Now consider how many people will be attending this barbecue, and ideal barbecue would need to have a warming rack. so other slow cooking food can catch up and you all can enjoy all of the food and not partially.

Also make sure you Barbecue is on sturdy ground like a patio, if you do choose have a barbecue on the grass make sure the models you are wanting to buy are sturdy and that they can with stand gushes of wind.

How frequently will you BBQ?

This is another question you need to consider when you come to buy your BBQ, Barbecuing is only accepted if the sun is out and and there is no forecast of chances of rain. As much as we can trust the weather man.

Ideally, we need to think of the weather regardless if we are in the middle of summer, or you want a quick BBq on the weekend.

Gas barbecues are ideal for instant heat and a cook quickly scheme, they are deal if you want a quick barbecue such as weekends, or its getting a little chilly or even evenings.

Charcoal barbecues will take some time to get cranked up and to start cooking. So these are not ideal for your quickie BBQ fix. These will be best for the big summer parties that lead onto late evenings. Mainly suited for the weekends or the big get-together, with friends and family.

Keeping your Barbecues safe and sound

Your last step to consider when choosing this perfect barbecue, is do you have enough room for storing. or even better if you wish to take this barbecue away on holiday or to a friends house.

Most barbecues are free-standing such as your charcoal grills, these are very easy to move and very convenient t place in the corner of your shed.

But large barbecues are very heavy and are resident to move from point a to b. Mainly people will leave large because in a conformable easy to access spot on the patio. and usually buy accessories such as a weather protector sleeve to place over the barbecue throughout the year that it's not used.

So look for barbecues that have wheel on the axle and handles, these are the ones that can be easy to move anywhere. you will mostly find charcoal barbecues will have these options, and you will ind gas barbecues with wheels but remember these can get difficult to move.

Supermarket BBQs

Like with anything, supermarkets wish to cash in on the summer job as well., They are our life line when it comes to food. But be careful when you come to choosing a barbecue.

So what to choose from the supermarket. Well it's the same with anything only choose if the price is good and the reviews hold up. Browse our forum for peoples opinions and reviews, and if you have bought any supermarket barbecues or even barbecue food. then please share with the rest of the member's.
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