Cassettes - Making A Possible Comeback?


Wizard the 4th
I have heard a few strong rumours and I've seen some definate progress here in the UK that cassettes are slowly on the way back......... I really hope so and one or two independent artists are starting to see the benefits of this format, they are cheap to make produce and sell and can sound good if done right, mastered and duplicated correctly... Chromedioxide and high bias type II cassettes were, and are, the best to record to and issue on, with the benefits of which are being

- low tape hiss and noise,
- far cleaner sound
- and a wider dynamic range that goes further than standard ferrics, although I found that the slightly better type I superferric varieties i.e. TDK SA / Maxell UDI and XLI-S etc can perform and do perform just as well as a pricier chromedioxide / high bias tape if you set your cassette decks right when recording.

Obviously on older equipment that's not equipped for High Bias Type II i.e. older hifi systems and music centres and cheap radio cassettes / ghettoblasters not equipped for the better tapes, you should stick to Type I Normal Bias blank cassettes as the heads are softer on this older equipment and are not tough enough to handle them, and the denser tape oxides of the Type II's can wear out the play / record heads (they act like a file) if used for recording on the denser High Bias / Chromedioxide tapes, playback though isn't a problem because the sound is much brighter and clearer with good high frequency lift, in fact a few artists in the 80's and early 90's released their albums on Chrome tape. ;)

PS clean your pinch roller and record play heads regularly to avoid tape tangling and look after your tape collections to avoid problems!!! It does work and prevents problems.
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Sovereign the 7th
Hmm, not so sure about cassettes, they don't quite have the appeal of Vinyl imo, I just don't see them being anything like as popular as for instance the digital market is. There's something rather cool about vinyl and I think that's half the appeal of it, whereas cassettes mainly remind me of my mother listening to Bananarama and there is nothing cool about that lol