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Royal Knight the 4th
Oct 15, 2013
Some brilliant looking shows coming up on Channel 4 this year, a few that stick out to me include;

The Light Before Christmas
Basically another show about christmas lights battles, showing the best displays in the UK.
I personally love these shows and cant wait to see it :)

Frozen Assets
Programme about frozen christmas sculptures, how they make them etc, looks like a decent watch.

Very British Problems Christmas Special
This was a good laugh when it was just Very British Problems, so this Christmas edition should be great.

Gogglebox Kids
While its a shame there doesnt seem to be any Gogglebox christmas special this year, theres a special kids edition, while im not looking forward to it too much, it should be a laugh at least.

Info here:
Christmas 2015 highlights - Channel 4 - Info - Press

When I hear of air dates etc these will be posted up!