British Musical Firework Championships 2018


Royal Knight the 4th
The BMFC take place next weekend (28-30th September)!

This is always a fantastic competition and there are some great teams taking place once again.

I'll be there this weekend so I will be sharing my opinion on the displays here.


Royal Knight the 4th
Good first night tonight, weather was perfect but could have maybe done with a little more wind.

It was a shame Kimboltons display wasn't being judged as it was fantastic!

Phenomenal had a nice theme and an amazing finale but it seemed they had a few issues as there was a few portions of 'dead time' and quite a few times it seemed there was fireworks missing on one side. It really picked up towards the end though and the finale was Snickerdoodle! wow!!

I think tomorrrow is going to be an amazig night. Really looking forward to Illusions display!