British Fireworks Association Advice

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Please take the time to read the first couple of posts on this UKFR thread from TGR, I think in a situation like this it's imperative that we all group together to really push our factual points across to those in power. I've contacted Taunton Deane council for the information requested and it would be great if more of us could do the same where you live

The responses people have got already are very compelling and the more we can get to give to the BFA the better :)
I just can't help but feel perhaps it could come back to bite the industry?

Revealing the mega low/non existent numbers of reports about nuisance fireworks could fuel the anti pyro crew to work together this year to put in as many complaints as possible. That's how far people who want their own way will go.


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I don't think they could, Unless, They purposely put themselves, or their animals in harm's way. (Evidence would show this! as well) Comparing with stats what are currently out, it shows the UK seems to be more responsible with fireworks then what had been said.
They'll be looking out for any strange sudden increases too. It would take a lot more than coincidence for a major increase in complaints about fireworks, logic would say that unless there's an increase in people purchasing fireworks, there should be no increase in nuisance complaints that is out of the ordinary compared to the last 5 years