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Lincolnshire Brigg Garden Centre

Discussion in 'Christmas Directory' started by Fazer, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Fazer


    Baronet the 2nd

    Absolutely love coming here! I have been every year for as along as I can remember. Their Christmas displays are stunning. They opened their Christmas floor last night and gave out free mulled wine and mince pies on the door. They also had 20% off everything in the garden centre for one night only and that was on top of their other sales they had on. Managed to get a few large Yankee candles that worked out at 55% off (£11 each!!!) and a few Christmas decorations.

    If anyone is in the area then I highly recommend going. There is also a firework shop there that is open all year round!
    :rollingbaub:hahahi:ho ho ho

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  2. gaz Administrator


    Sovereign the 3rd

    It looks fantastic :) and what a bonus getting 20% off.
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  3. Fazer


    Baronet the 2nd

    The picture doesn't do it any justice! That isn't even half of it! :eek::D
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