Bonfire night


Sovereign the 6th
Not long to go, What will everyone be doing this year?

I will be attending a few local displays, and also be doing a small back garden firework show for my sons birthday. :cool:


Wizard the 2nd
Lighting my very small stash on bonfire night then off for a meal with the family locally.

Oh and on the 3rd a display with some friends. :)


Esquire the 2nd
M bonfire night will be sat 3rd which I think will be the same as most of the local displays so I wil miss out on some pro shows but hey, I prefer my own anyway. NO massive crowds, no rip off food and not huge clouds of smoke obsucring your view.


Esquire the 5th
i need to try get donations or something for my charity event a usual donator has moved abroad and can't donate this year fook wonder if epic or MDL would help me out


Royal Knight the 3rd
I have at least 2 displays going ahead this year, lets hope it all goes well. Shame that when I was growing up I remember when all the local corner shops sold fireworks and kept them in locked freezers left unplugged but now it the supermarkets and a few shops. UK has too many rules when it comes to fireworks.

On the bright side though lets try and improve the display again and learn to put pyro to music seamlessly at consumer level,
I go to the local display usually afew day's before the 5th they have it then I'll have my own small one in garden for family on the 5th,Kids loved it last year.