Bonfire night review

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Wizard the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
So a review of my night :) everything was pretty impressive the real highlights was the little stars yes the tiny barrage pack from royal party. Cant remember how much it was? £30? or £40 something like that for a pack of tiny little cakes and you would not believe the power of them.

Supreme 12 rating 9/10
Amazing pack for £89.99 the highlights of this pack was the 30mm bore cakes that really packed a huge punch. Even the smaller bore fireworks think was 25mm? where equally powerful not much different in break size well their wasn't in my small firing area lol.

Little Stars rating 11/10
By far the best fireworks of the night just because of the price and value for money the lift charge im them little cakes is huge. The lift from the little stars cakes was louder than most of the lifts in even the supreme 12s. Short lasting but powerful for their size. I actually didn't stake them just put a few bricks round and they come close to falling over.

War Hawks rating 6/10
About 85% of the 40 war hawks had large skyfilling breaks the other 15% where very small in break size but they all had that echo 1.3g bang. One of the hawks did not lift, another a fuse fell out just after removing the fuse cover. So as said the 85% of the hawks where amazing but the other 15% was rather disappointing. Next year epic rockets or space hawks are on the list as brightstar have shown to be rather inconsistent in build quality and performance this year with the hawks. The one thing that really pissed me off with these was the fact that about 4 of the 40 rockets fired had a completely different effect than what they are supposed to have really where did brightstar mention a crackling willow to green stars?

Skycrafter Monster Cake Pack rating 6/10
Was a good pack but would not buy again had some build quality issues with 3 of the fireworks in the pack. 3 of the cakes had broken clay in the bottom of each tube and the black powder lift charge was missing from a number of shots on the 3 cakes in the pack. Accept for them 3 cakes all the rest where pretty good. But for £129.99? no way would go with a supreme 12 any day and its £40 cheaper.

Cube candles rating 9/10
Had a total of 4 cube candles and these where simply fantastic, im not a candle guy definitely my favorite firework type now. All 4 of them fired high into the sky and broke with loud skyfilling breaks. Bombette candles are just awesomd lol.

Galactic High Voltage rating 5/10
We had 2 of these cakes and fired only one last night not a bad cake at all and for the £10 i paid? well worth it a truly excellent buy but for the normal price of £50? no flipping way. I would only have this cake if it was given virtually free of charge to me. Its skyfilling and loud but the one i fired lasted maby 20 seconds?? just no way for £50.

Mars Pyrotechnics Godfather Pack rating 8/10
Only fired the godfather 1 so far firing number 2 and 3 tonight salutes :D but although it was amazing dont think i would pay £200 for the 3 cakes. godfather 3 im sure will be amazing and make the whole £200 worth the price but so far from firing number 1 think i would just buy a boneshaker or number 3 infuture.

So to conclude was a good night but will be changing a lot of things next year :p