Bonfire Night Heat Map

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Noble the 3rd
Dec 23, 2014
Looks like no heat in my area. Not surprised though, the last few years has been lacking massively. Years ago when I was a little kid nearly everyone had fireworks. I stood in a family members bedroom window (Yes, climbing over their bed to stand on the window frame and balance with my hands gripping the small open window and looking out) and fireworks would be going off every few seconds.

Now there's nothing. NYE and GFN last year was a fail. I was at the family home I grew up in for both and as I recall on GFN no more than 2 neighbours had fireworks and on NYE it was dead. The year before was even worse. I think it was just 1 other neighbour having fireworks and from what I remember it was just a few cheapo supermarket fountains.

New area for me now entirely, which although shows no heat, i'm on a mission to have 2 or 3 displays over GFN for the enjoyment but also because of the nuisance noise that has happened all year in this area (dogs barking etc).