Bonfire night Favorite Must have food


Sovereign the 6th
Nothing like Yorkshire Parkin in between setting fireworks off. Love the stuff.

Then after, to warm myself up baked potatoes i usually have cheese beans, One top class food.

What do you have on the night?


Esquire the 2nd
Bonfire night is my enteratining date in the calendar and I keep the food the same as the entertaininment - Fiery!

My own recipe home made chilli which I make to 2 heat levels:
Mild for the wimps lol and Mega hot for those who appreciate hot but flavoursome food.
All served up in little pots for people to eat whilst watching with a few Nachos.


Noble the 3rd
Donna kebab and a bottle of buckfast, I like your style lol

Chilli has to make an appearance plus the classic, baked spuds. Had a few trays of home made indian snacks with dips last year too, cracking stuff, nothing like the supermarkets interpretation. Hope his wife's up for it again this year :)

Drinks wise I find strong cloudy scrumpy fits in nicely with the autumnal feel, any excuse :)


Wizard the 2nd
I get so engrossed with the pyro i don't cook the food :) normally order a 16 inch pizza with garlic bread.

Drink wise Vodka or Whiskey, cant beat warming up with a Whiskey after lighting the pyro. ;)


Esquire the 5th
best way to enjoy GFN i love lighting the pyro but would never do it drunk i know the dangers associated with this and have seen them in my own eyes isn't pretty

but after the pyros all done and we sit round the bonfire i just like to relax

but i get two pyro shows in one night my charity event (Still need to get pyro for this)

and my personal event ( stash will be getting brought from family for this )