Big Star Fireworks


Royal Knight the 4th
Looks like rebadged bulldog/ dancing red devil. I’d stay clear of these unless you can get a super cheap deal on the selection boxes.

Those RRP are farcial:eek: £600 for a selection box! Imagine what you could order from a online seller for that!


Royal Knight the 1st
£250 according to their website.

It does look quite good on paper, few cakes in there and not many fountains etc.

Would need to see some of the contents fired really, to part with the money for this.

Also hope it's 1.3g!


Royal Knight the 1st
Well definitely won't be 1.3g then.

Although for £100 i'd have to say that could be a very good buy.. in fact I would say it's too cheap? o_O

Possibly a mistake on price, @Philspeedway ?

Big Star have it up for £250, and I can't see them letting it be sold for such a low price.


Baronet the 3rd
Supppsed to be a good box this, been mentioned on the UKF&r once or twice along side it's sibling. The cakes all seen very weighty
ersonally I'd stay away from selection boxes, small ones are fine. I wouldn't part 100 or 250 on one. Plenty of decent pyro at cheap prices.

It's say 57 pieces,

10 are worthy of counting, such as barrages. It's not all about the net worth. It's got more too do with effects and colour. I dought ypu will get any palm effects, or loud salutes!! But you will get plenty of crackles and small pops.

I'd buy a few quality barrages and a few packet of rockets from epic.
This isn't really a selection box. This is a barrage box with some added stuff. There's 10 cakes and a missile cake. The missile is probably worth a tenner, so £240 for 10 decent sized cakes. Thats only £24 per cake, and that's before you add in all the other stuff on top. So, on the outside at least, it's a good value kit, and for £100 it's remarkable
It's still a selection box, it's got rockets in it.

You can pick up 100 shot missile box for £10 buy 1 get 2 free from latifs.

The barrage packet looks good, don't get me wrong, but we need too see the real sizes of the barrages. The first photo of the barrages seem decent sized. When the boxes open you can't even see the barrages :rolleyes:

Dave you had a budget of £100 quid ;).
a video will be nice , they don't have one. ;)

Plenty of cardboard.

Atleast ypu could burn the cardboard after lol. Mini display.

It might be good! But I'll eat my words if there good.