Big Forum Changes In The New Year

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Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Hi Everyone.

I would like to point out some stuff before I roll off some new changes coming.

First off I would like to thank Rich for being a supporting moderator this year, All though the forum as not being as active as I though it would be, But still he has kept things, cool and smooth.

Now this leads me to the activity on site, All though i have a few fans who come here annually, I appreciate it quite a lot. I know there are other forums out there more serious than others, But I would like to point out this forum was intended to be for the firework lovers, looking to grab deals, finding where to buy fireworks ect, more fun then anything.

But could i ask you to keep the sparks flowing on the forum through the year, and not just for near bonfire night. This helps keep people interested towards Guy Fawkes night and a few other things.

Now for the changes,. I will not go into too much detail's, but here we go.

You may have seen the Halloween and Christmas forum. This is a big clue to where this site is steering towards, to the 3 UK main seasons, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas. I have already started to make changes for the big crossover in the new year.

Don't worry everything you mostly see now will be kept. That means all the usual chatter about supermarkets and the shops, the help ect ect will still be here. It just means it will be integrated with the other 2 seasons. - A new domain name will be created as well this means all the snide comments,. Others have said about the Much loved The firework shop list will be called something else.

I hope I have given you all Enough information for the crossover... If you have any questions regarding anything said above please let me know.


Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
Exciting times ahead folks so stay with us and keep chatting!