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Esquire the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
Sorry a few days late but here it is. Berry is a well respected member and its great to hear his answers! Don't forget if you'd like to take part drop me a message :D

What was your first memory of fireworks?

My very first memory would have been when i gone down to the local firework retailer with my parents and was invited into the back to browse all the cases of pyro stacked up, i think that is what gave me the lifelong interest in fireworks.

What is your favorite brand of fireworks?

I like a lot of different brands of fireworks and i usually have a favorite brand for each type of firework e.g rockets but my all time favorite brand would have to be Brothers Pyrotechnics.

What is your favorite firework type?

I've always been a big fan of rockets but cakes seem to have taken my interest lately. My all time favorite type of firework would have to be the multi shot barrage.

If you had 1k to spend what fireworks would you buy?

10 x Epic Fireworks Red Ball Head Rockets
1 x Brothers Pyrotechnics Hercules
1 x Brothers Pyrotechnics Air Boss
1x Royal Party Supreme 12 Pack
1 x Epic Fireworks Angels VS Demons
1 x Epic Fireworks Venus Fly Trap
2 x Epic Fireworks Screaming Spiders
2 x Epic Fireworks Thunderous Finale
2 x Brothers Pyrotechnics Open Fire
2 x Mars Pyrotechnics Bone Shaker
3 x Royal Party Sapphires

Home display or public display? and why?

Home display, i rarely go to public displays as most of the fun in fireworks for me is involved in the lighting and firing of them. I actually find myself enjoying the firing more than the fireworks themselves!

What's your excuse when the wife/missus/parents etc quizzes how spend?

I don't get many complaints to be honest, i do occasionally get "£800 going up in smoke" i just reply with i don't spend £200 a week of smoking like some people round here.

What is the one firework you buy each year and why?

It has to be war hawk rockets, at less than £3 a rocket and with the performance of a rocket with a £10 + price tag, i just can not have enough of them. Its a tradition now to have atleast one whole case of war hawk rockets in each display.

If you own a firework company or shop what would you name it?

Thats a tough question if i had a firework company i think i would call it Pyrotechnicians. If i had a shop i would probably go with a name like Berry's Pyrotechnics, yes i have a thing for the word pyrotechnic.

What would your advice be to people who have decided to buy
their first ever fireworks?

If your budget is under £100 try your local supermarkets but for anything over that amount go to a all year retailer who can supply you with quality fireworks. My motto is, quality over quantity with fireworks. The way things are currently standing with supermarkets the real quality stands with lidl and the weco range of fireworks.

Dedicated retailers or seasonal/supermarkets? and why?

Dedicated retailers, as they can usually sort a customer out with quality pyrotechnics for most budgets such a £100. Going to a supermarket with the same budget would usually end with low quality fireworks.

If you were synchronizing your display to music, what music would you use?

Synchronizing fireworks to music is honestly something i have never tried to do. But if i did a pyromusical i would try and synchronize the fireworks to some dubstep and hip hop music. Hitting each beat with a large rocket would look rather good.

Probably iggy azalea change your life although im not to sure how it would work out. Synchronizing fireworks to music is just not one of my strong points.

Lastly, tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I had a perforated eardrum back in 2010 from a king cobra not lifting due to mud in the tube, always put a stone in your rocket tubes people. Oh and i have a slightly bent middle finger from trapping it in a window.


Sovereign the 6th
Oct 6, 2012
Ok I'm going to change your life, I'm going to change your life! Lol

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Wizard the 2nd
Oct 7, 2012
Gaz said:
Ok I'm going to change your life, I'm going to change your life! Lol

Just ideal for synchronizing king rockets and skythrillers to :p


Peasant the 1st
Oct 21, 2012
I like this new section to the forum , great to read other peoples pyro back stories etc