Being stupid and the beginning of pyro love.


Esquire the 2nd
Before I too any further I am not condoning any dangerous stunts,. acts of immaturity from my teenage years. I did do some things with fireworks which I think is where my love for pyro began.

Of course I do not practice such lunacy these days.

So what started your love affair with pyro?


Esquire the 5th
my love started when i was 14 at the local football pitches someone had left a cake sitting there

we broke up the cake into seperate portions with the fuses still attached and well lighting those began ma love affair with fireworks :D


Wizard the 2nd
Going to a local firework shop when i was about 10 with my mum. Totally got me hooked on fireworks.

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Esquire the 5th
yesh but something that has happened noone can be prosecuted in this sense for :D end of the day people need to grow up berry you know yourself probably some of them had them younger hehe


Sovereign the 6th
Yes mine was watching other people going mental, days before bonfire night, That's what gave me the love of pyro :D.

Thank you berry1 for pointing out to everyone :) That these forums are public, everyone can read these boards, so please try to be careful on what you put, i understand its a free speech forum. But that is limited.


Esquire the 5th
everyone knows im having a laugh :) im not an uptight mod never will be im one of you guys

tbh my pryo fever started actually when i was about 8 when i got my first sparkler and thought i was awesome when i could write hi with it since that and watching the pyro that evening ive been hooked


Royal Knight the 3rd
hmm my love to pyro... always liked fireworks from such a young age, my father in the past used to get fireworks vertically everyday when they came to the shops because I kept wanting them every night. but I think since last 2 years which I have really kicked off on shopping and wanting bigger and better every year.
I have always had fireworks as far back as i can remember,always looked forward to buying them every year and i still do,just seeing them in the shops is magical,i've certainly seen some changes over the years and although today's fireworks are great i still miss the old British made stuff,i save up all year to make sure i always get at least a two hour display,years ago it was not unheard of me still firing at gone 11:00!,there was a time when i would go in a shop and buy nearly the entire range but things are too expensive to do that now!,when i first started there were only about 10 companies making them,not like today,we always had Pains,Wessex,Standard,Rainbow and Brocks,the biggest was a ten shilling "Thunderflash" from Wessex,we always finished with one of those!


Royal Knight the 3rd
Things have certainly changed over the years, pyro tech has imporved but the rules set by government have also go tighter


Peasant the 2nd
The night my uncle (worked in a shop at the time) brought in about 8 cases of fireworks (all different varieties) to my house. Never loved it untill that night :))


Royal Knight the 3rd
I find alot of people comment when I am buying fireworks saying they dont like them.. i dont think there ever bought any lol cas I cant help but love them.
When fireworks covered the whole sky. New Year 2004 when I was 7 and I loved them ever since. This hooked me up first to fireworks and then on Chemistry (LOL).
Germans love fireworks LOL! :sleepy:
So do Danes LOL! :rolleyes:
Thats all supermarket fireworks, warehouse fireworks are like 5kg NEC! LOL! :cool:
German firework prices.