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Feb 13, 2013
I've been told the contrary with regards to wearing hiviz vests and jackets while displaying-if a piece of burning debris from a firework or sparks from a fountain lands on it, it can melt and catch fire and burn causing severe burns to the face neck and body, also why do you need to be seen lighting fireworks if you've got a torch anyway? I never wear hiviz while lighting fireworks.;) Hiviz vests jackets and bodywarmers are often made of PVC/PU coated materials etc. Putting ANYTHING on top of fire retardant overalls such as a waterproof jacket or hiviz coat/vest is asking for trouble if it catches fire and burns your body. Best set of safety gear for displaying is a set of fire retardant overalls, lumberjack helmet with visor/eardefenders, gloves and safety boots/safety shoes. If you can't run to a lumberjack helmet then a minimum of a hard hat earplugs and safety glasses/goggles is recommended
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