Bargain Hunters - What's your greatest firework bargain (past or present)?


Noble the 1st
I like a bargain! I've been buying fireworks for over 30 years (yes i'm old)! I lol when I see some of the RRP's on some of the brands, it's ridiculous.
Anyway, I do travel around the North West looking for deals and bargains and over the years i've had some good deals.

Here's mine to start off:
In 2014, at a Specialist* Fireworks event, I bought many packs of War Hawks for £6 a pack! <- Bargain :)

* name changed to protect the retailer lol
Tbh I never look at RRP really, I just judge the firework based on it's selling price :) best bargain I've ever had is Diamond Princess for £21 in Chaplins in 2015, storming price, even now it's only £24 I think which is cracking. Also in Fireworks Crazy's may sale the same year I had a King Cobra rocket box for £20, which for rockets of that calibre is a bargain. More recently I have to mention Chaplins' prices, they're all very good every year :)


Baronet the 3rd
One of the best prices I've paid is this year at latifs, 5alives £5 a pack I've never seen them cheaper! Also the skycrafter barrages at £3.33 each, probably will never be cheaper anywhere else again. Last year galactic had some brilliant prices on the old bs stock they were shifting out e.g crackling snakes around £1.50 each and this year the ozones at £2 each and cube conic fountains at £4 each. :)


Esquire the 3rd
I've still got a pack of War Hawks but i don't like them as they're way too erratic for my liking ....i only bought a pack cos Nigel from Galactic was selling them for £11.49 last year lol