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Peasant the 2nd
Oct 8, 2015
Staff at the Kimbolton Fireworks company in Cambridgeshire are racing to make sure orders are delivered after thieves stole over £100,000 worth of fireworks that were about to be dispatched to customers.

The company told ITV Anglia that thieves broke into their office buildings on Saturday night or Sunday morning, where they found the keys to several of the company's vehicles.

The three vehicles were also stolen during the break in; a white Ford Transit van, a Mitsubishi Fuso van and an Iveco 7.5 tonne box van.

Thieves then broke into the large warehouse and took a large portion of stock - about 24 pallets of fireworks.

Staff are working to establish the value of the fireworks that were taken - and currently estimate that it's over £100,000.

The warehouse was full of orders about to be dispatched in time for Guy Fawkes Night.

The Kimbolton team are devastated by what has happened, and we’re now working hard to minimise the impact on our customers, the best efforts to make sure people are still able to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

The company is based in Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. It's previously supplied fireworks for the new year celebrations in London, and the 2012 Olympic Games.

Kimbolton staff told ITV Anglia that the packs stolen were all distinctive, with the company's logo on the scene.

The packs all have instructions, and are perfectly safe if used correctly. They were set to be dispatched to customers tomorrow morning. Although the company is trying to make sure everyone still gets their orders, they say there will have to be some substitutions.

Police attended the incident at 10am yesterday. It is believed the offenders entered and left the warehouse via a perimeter road leading out onto Clay Lane.

.Vans are still missing, but police say the three stolen vehicles were caught on camera driving westbound on the A14 around 2am.


Peasant the 2nd
Oct 14, 2012
there used to be a nice little fireworks shop just round the corner from my house but sadly they got all their stock stolen and the shop has been shut since.
it was a shame they had some great prices


Baronet the 2nd
Oct 19, 2012
Sorry to hear that, its awful when such things happen, feel sorry for Kimbolton but even more so for the people who ordered their BFN pyro from them and now because of these codgers may not get what they wanted. Hope they find and bring these low life's to justice!!!


Royal Knight the 3rd
Feb 13, 2013
It will either be tossers stealing fireworks to order for bfn to serve hard up people and families who want fireworks on the cheap or even just selling them to anyone, even illegally to under 18s, just to fund drug crime. :(