Absolute Fireworks Awesome


Wizard the 2nd
Firework Name: Awesome Rocket Pack

The Good Bits:
Noise Rating: 8/10
Average Price: £44.99
Firework Type: Rocket Pack
Firework Classification: 1.4G (Meshed)
Firework Effects: Gold Brocade & Silver Glitter, Crackling Silver Peony, Crackling Dragons Eggs Green Purple Falling Bouquets, Crackling Silver Brocade & Crackling Tails
Duration: N/A

Aditional Info:
NEC: 4x 120g
Category: 3
Safety Distance: 25m
Dimensions: N/A
Manufacturer: Absolute Fireworks
Importer: Absolute Fireworks

Personal Comment:
Absolute fireworks Awesome rocket pack is another great pack of 4 rockets from Absolute. These rockets have an average spread but with professional cat-4 effects. Some of the effects in these rockets are only available in professional fireworks.

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