Asda Halloween 2017

The reaper was great quality and he was the same make. I saw a set up of him and it is a similar setup to the reaper but even better he has one of those sturdy plastic bodies or frame like the butler and wanda witch sold at asda. Here is a video of him:
I am curious to see how much this pirate will be if im betting id say around £50 be and i am also wondering if that giant skeleton would be around £30 my money gone before i even get it i might look at the haunted tv as well if its any good i know jtf have a haunted tv in their Halloween range
I think we can guess now.... what will be out in adsa there could be a few stuff not not known anywere but safetly sayvl the highlight was the life sizes im going to check that tv see if its going to be any good
I have got some good news! The asda stores will be starting to put out props next week they recommended me to go in the weekend, hopefully they have the pirate, tv and the skull fogger


Royal Knight the 4th
Thanks! Great video :)

I used to have the skull mister and loved it but it got broken so I may be tempted to purchase it again:)