Are Lidl UK Limited stores not bothering with NYE fireworks anymore?


Royal Knight the 2nd
I went down to Lidl Hyndburn Road Accrington yesterday and today expecting to buy some New Year's Eve fireworks from them in their Standard range, and horror of horrors NONE were on display and available to buy at all! Could Lidl UK Limited and it's UK stores be giving up on New Year's Eve firework sales? I have sent a message to Customer Services using the online form to see what their take is on it, and to find out their reasoning behind this non-committal to NYE firework sales, probably won't hear anything till early next year depending on the speed of response or maybe I will hear something shortly, who knows? I'll wait on a response and keep you this space! ;)


Peasant the 2nd
There were no discounts after bonfire night so remaining stock was not sold off. I believe most supermarkets have stock on a sale or return basis which would make the decision to withdraw from New Years very easy.
I’d be surprised if they weren’t selling, they always seem to do well for New Years. Might pop in to my Lidl on the way home today, see if they have any