Weco Fireworks Aquila

Firework Name: weco aquila

The Good Bits:
Shots: 16
Duration: 35 sec
Bore Size: ?
Noise Rating: 5/10
Average Price: £4.99
Firework Type: straight
Firework Classification: 1.4g
Firework Effects: red peony bursts

Aditional Info:
Category: 2
Safety Distance: 8m
Manufacturer: weco
Importer: lidl

Personal Comment:
shame for lidl and weco .

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Esquire the 5th
However to be on both sides of this i will state that it was a dampened batch of aquilas that misfired and thus far lidl's nor weco have refused to comment on how the fireworks were damp to start with but a few i had fired flawlessly


Sovereign the 6th
They will refuse to comment, they think lets keep quiet it will brush over. But tbh i bet they try selling it again


Esquire the 5th
tbh i don't mind them selling the product again as the ones that fired flawlessly for the money were great value but i guess only time will tell here


Esquire the 2nd
Agreed broi also had an Ok experience with them. Think I had a video somewhere. ..

Edit: ah yes here we go!
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I never saw a Aquila go off properly ,so im just goin on video evidence ,but were they really that good value for money.
I like peony type fireworks ,but the vids ive seen of it, it looks average at best. At least it had a 8m safety distance ,so I suppose at that distance it would look ok, though if they sold it again, i wouldn't buy it .Same goes for voodoo star.