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Fire cracker

Noble the 3rd
Oct 22, 2020
lake's Cumbria.
That’s me rockets mate
ye i do like a community display , most of the people that live on my road are elderly but they love the fireworks so this year im doing the fireworks out the front on a bit of grassy area, and people are chipping in or bringing food, have curry,jacket pots,chicken, etc.... and tea / coffee and booze lol, had the ok from the local bobby so all good. everyone loves them , and for the people that don't come i have pre warned everyone so no one can moan lol
Oh you've been busy. Sounds like what I've been doing. Yeah all my end .. the ppls happy as it's for kids ..paid over a grand on pyro. I want to share them with the kids ..Got the go ahead so alls good. Every ones looking forward to it. We will still be safe an very cautious. Yeah I just want to make some magical memories. An see the kids an adults smile .. yours will be fun. Our cummitys need ppl like us.. I remember as a kid going to 3 cummity firework displays all in walking distance. Not one now.. money saving ppl.. have fun rocket man