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Joe ciabatti

Jan 12, 2017
As the old video appears to have been deleted, here is a replacement. I will get round to firing it soon and post the video up to the thread.

This is a decent box if purchased at the right price, and I think this is the most important factor when getting it . Not had it personally but I have had the Conjuror box which I think is roughly the same price point when I last returned to the UK after living 6 years abroad and thought it was good, but that was taking inti consideration the good price I paid for it. The video on Epic's YouTube account which shows a selection of the pieces would suggest that it is a decent box.

One thing I like about Standard / Black Cat selection boxes such as this and Neptune or Mars etc. is that there are always a couple of mine cakes that imitate Angel Dust and these are the perfect choice of cakes for a small garden imho.
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