Advent Calendars


Peasant the 2nd
Ohhh that looks great. Last year i brought the advent calendar blanks and equipment to decorate my own for my daughter. Never got round to it so im doing that this year
I think it's pre made, comes with a small measure of gin for each day, would work out to be between 650 and 1250ml of gin, so at current prices you'd expect to pay up to £60 for one, perhaps less depending which gin and the size of the measure :)
That's alot to pay but they say it's a merry time of year maybe just to merry having a shot of gin everyday lol
It is, but that would be the premium end, standard gin seems to be £20-£30 per litre at the moment, more expensive artisan gins about £40-£50 per litre, so on that basis you wouldn't want to pay over £60, would be cheaper to buy a normal advent calender, a bottle of your favourite spirit and just have a shot every day :D


Peasant the 2nd
Sounds like a plan to me could even been greedy and buy a bottle of gin and whiskey have shot of each every day lol. But as I will be 8 months pregnant xmas I don't think we will be doing that kind of advent this year lol