Prestige Lighting 400 Bright White Led's


Royal Knight the 4th
Price: £14.99
Effect: Twinkle
Colour: Bright White (also available in warm white)
Place of purchase: Home and Bargain

These are fantastic value, 400 indoor/outdoor lights for just £14.99. We bought these to cover our real tree this year (we love ours covered in lights) and the bonus that they come with a green cable is great for the tree too.

400 white led.jpeg


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Royal Knight the 4th
Couldn't resist another pack of these today, will be used on our (if we manage to get one) real tree for the garden. Having a proper look at the box the actual light string is 24 meters long which is fantastic for this price. You could go around the whole of your house with these. They look just brilliant too so bright and the twinkle isnt too much but adds just a nice effect.


Royal Knight the 4th
These were brilliant, all three sets worked so well over the season, no faults, and they looked fantastic! If they have them again next year I would reccomend them to anyone, for that amount of bulbs off one plug is fantastic!


Royal Knight the 4th
you must be trying to get your house seen from space dan :p you must have eat least 20 sets by now

I think were going to replace a few of the older sets tbh, im planning on getting rid of the blue leds and replacing them with the new white leds etc. Got about 3 new sets of icicles, hopefully will be able to do the top of the house this year too.
Not sure where the other sets will go but plenty of time to plan plan plan ;)
those boxes are great, even for things like mowing the lawn if the grass is a bit damp :)
the best bit about them is, as christmas lights are so low power, you can run 4 or 5 boxes off of just one plug