2018 Christmas Lights


Royal Knight the 4th
Like last year, here is the place to post any plans for your 2018 display.

I’ve got some plans this year I am hopeful will work out, but one things for sure, it’s going to be our biggest display ever with the most amount of bright white LEDS we have ever had.


Sovereign the 6th
Sounds good Gaz! I bought some garden plant obelisk type things in the summer sales which I am hoping to turn into light up 'trees'
Wife was thinking of using one of our old broken Christmas trees, I think we have a 7ft one. placing it near the front window, and take it from that point. Is you obelisks a wooden one or those metal ones? would be interesting to see it all lit up with Christmas lights.
I'd love to own up to that! Great effort :) @Maxywell the best way to do it is start small and build up. We started with 2 sets about 10 years ago, now i'm at about 20 with a pretty high spend amount! But yearly they usually cost under 100, we replace sets after christmas in the sales when they're very cheap. This year with the above giant snowman is an exception :)
Dry box number 5 is now here, so we have enough sockets for 19 sets now! Of which I reckon 17 will be filled this year :) will be commencing some time after December 9th as I’m very busy at work until then unfortunately
Got the first half of the lights up this afternoon, looking pretty good so far, although having only the lower level lights does show how much of a difference the higher ones make. Still yet to tackle the 15ft Christmas tree, we don’t have a ladder big enough to reach the top so it might be a bit challenging lol