2017 Christmas Tv Adverts

Via sources such as online survey panels (Where you help big companies by giving opinions of product concepts and ideas), there are 2 adverts due to be launched on TV this Christmas that I have already seen. For those interested I will detail them here. I did google information about them after but nothing comes up, so they haven't been announced publicly yet (which makes me wish I recorded them to post here).

Part of their fast track Christmas 2017 adverts. Quite futuristic live action advert. A toy (white robot) is left out from being packed on Santa's (supersonic) sleigh, which is just taking off. An elf grabs the toy and chases after the sleigh. She uses a factory truck and manages to get up behind it. The sleigh takes off and she throws the robot which lands in the sleigh. Up pops Argos fast track delivery at Christmas logo.

Another live action advert. A girl with her parent go to something which looks a bit like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. She is looking around the rooms filled with things being made for ASDA. Throughout the advert you see product placements (a lot of the party food products). At 1 point she is standing on her parent's back looking through a door at the Gin making room. At the end it pops up with a message saying about ASDA this Christmas.

It's highly likely both were made by the same advertising agency as they have similar tones. Both have music, which will be well known but I can't for the life of me remember what the songs were.

I would bet my bottom dollar these were final takes of the advert because last year before it was announced or launched, they were similar studies on the house of fraser advert. That study involved seeing the same Christmas advert but with 2 soundtracks ("ready or not" and a cover version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"). Participants had to choose what fitted the best. It turns out "ready or not" must have been the most popular as that was the song that was broadcast with the TV advert.

If I manage to gain access them again, I will record and post them here. I'm only posting info about them as it's likely in the next week they will be on TV anyway
John Lewis Christmas ad being premiered just before 8 on Good Morning Britain this morning! Fortunately piers Morgan doesn’t do Fridays so no need to put up with him lol
I guess we can turn this into the 2017 Christmas advert thread! :) Pretty sure this is a teaser for the new John Lewis advert. They did somthing very similar on twitter last year https://twitter.com/underthebed2017/status/927446737547091973
Could we get Mod to rename it though? (As wasn't intended to make this 2017 ad thread as I know you liked doing that).

I gotta admit though, best ad I seen so far is the Very advert.

Pretty awesome advert agency (passion animation) who have that really unique style (known for Anchor adverts, James wellbeloved dog food, Sainsbury's xmas ad last year, compare the market baby meerkat (let it go) plus of course last year's Very advert). http://www.passion-pictures.com/uk/animation-studios/work/