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  1. Haunted Skull

    Costco Halloween 2021

    That time is getting near guys, just 100 days to go until Halloween, a few weeks ago week got our first look at all of the new Costco Halloween items for this year! One of the best parts is they're expected to come into stock in the coming next couple of weeks! A few of my favourites include the...
  2. Haunted Skull

    Halloween 2020 In Stores

    Hi guys, I'm starting a thread for the Halloween 2020 season as things have just started to pop up in stores such as B&M, The Range, Costco, Homesense and TK Maxx. More stores are on the way over the next couple of weeks such as ASDA, Sainsbury's, Aldi and Argos. In this thread please feel free...
  3. Haunted Skull

    ASDA Halloween 2019

    Hi guys, I am happy to announce that we have been given our first look at ASDA's Halloween 2019 range! There are many surprises in store for you this year including a new life size butler!
  4. AdamAdstar

    Halloween 2018 photos of my display.

    Bit late, but here is my display for Halloween 2018. Quite a few photos. Enjoy. .
  5. AdamAdstar

    Started decorating (2018)

    Will decorate the stairs on Halloween day with all my lights/plushies as I still need to use it (lol), but yeah I recycled some old bunting and window clings that I don't really use and stuck em up with blue tack. Only new things this year are the Skeleton Devil from Sainsburys and the Mermaid...
  6. Dan12

    Poundworld Final Farewell

    With Poundworld now closed down for good (at least in it's current form) which is really sad, I thought I would create a thread for anyone who had purchased any reduced items as they cleared out their seasonal stock. We were quite lucky in that before the administration was annouced, a localish...
  7. Haunted Skull

    Halloween 2018 Store Previews & More

    With the Halloween 2018 just starting, we are going to start getting previews from all stores in the UK within the next couple of months. Today I got some info on Sainsbury's range for 2018 heres the video: I'll make sure to keep this thread updated with previews on stores like ASDA, Costco...
  8. AdamAdstar

    Claire's Ty Beastie Bat & Mask Mummy Beanie Boos £2!? (ebay)

    (The Price may change on these, so if you plan on buying, buy while they are still £2) - as of 15/9/17 Both currently £2 (+ 2.99 p&p on Beastie, FREE p&p on Mask) I have been informed as of Monday -13/9/17, that this is indeed a marketing error and will be changed eventually, but I ordered mine...
  9. AdamAdstar

    Halloween 2017, On A Budget.

    This year I'm really not going to splash out on the cash as I already have boxes upon boxes UPON boxes of Halloween stuff :) (Last year I spent a whopping £140 alone, and it does all add up, especially when Christmas is just a month or so after) I'll probably buy a few £1 items in...
  10. JdmBoy

    Halloween Fireworks? Haalllllpp!

    My Mrs loves Halloween, So I'd like to get some Halloween fireworks for her, The Dracula fountain at Tesco is a must, But can't seem to find anything else even at my local fireworks store..
  11. AdamAdstar

    Morrisons Halloween 2016

    I noticed we didnt have a thread for Morrisons Halloween stuff this year, so here it is :)! Was in my local one yesterday and they have all sorts. Sweets, costumes, Lifesize animated things (singing skeleton, butler, reaper etc etc) Even a singing Skeleton that sings "im scary and I know it"...