1. jagfirework

    Will people spend less on fireworks this year?

    Will people spend less on fireworks this year? received mixed responses so far but overall looks like they won't be spending as much. What do you guys think or will spend this year? maybe due to brexit/debts etc
  2. adnan2012fireworks

    Asda fireworks 2018

    As we all know the usual with Asda is tnt suppose they have some sort of long term contract but if a change it would be great Thanks to @STEVO for uploading Asda fireworks leaflet for 2018.
  3. Philspeedway

    Kimbolton fireworks

    Found these excellent Kimbolton fireworks videos from the 1970s they are excellent to watch for any fireworks fantastic
  4. Somersetpyro

    2018 Must Haves

    It's always good to have a wish list going, which fireworks are people most looking forward to this year? Can be new for 2018 or just products you're yet to have but will be getting for the first time :) I'm really liking the look of the Primed Full House box, finances permitting i'm hoping to...
  5. STEVO

    My Nye Fireworks 2017

    fireworks i will setting off tonight plus my finale aswell for when it it hit 12
  6. STEVO

    Bought This Stuff From My Local Garden Centre

    Bought these firework
  7. Ghengis Fireworks

    £1000 Fireworks Giveaway

    We're giving away over a £1000 pounds worth of fireworks to one lucky person to make this Bonfire Night really special! We know not everyone has big budgets when it comes to fireworks so hopefully, this will transform someones 5th of November into something spectacular. Click the Link to...
  8. Asad Shafiq

    Is This Good?

    I got Lidl Lightning box, Master blaster tnt selection box, Silver Lynx tnt selection box, start struck tnt selection box and £5 power shot roman candles from Asda. Are these good or do i need more.
  9. P

    Hollybush Garden Centre

    Hollybush Garden Centre seem to be stocking fireworks this year I popped in earlier with the missus to look at some Xmas stuff :( and they had a decent selection. Spoke to one of the sales assistants give me a brochure and some of the prices look decent. Any else ever had anything from them?
  10. STEVO

    Fireworks To Lose Sparkle As Supreme Court Bars Use Of 5 Chemicals Usa

    Fireworks to lose sparkle as Supreme Court bars use of 5 chemicals in USA
  11. Somersetpyro

    Some Advice (please Read)

    Okay guys, it seems as though recently the fireworks abatement brigade have started getting a lot more active towards local councils and venues about getting fireworks banned. We don't need to be worried yet, seeing as the debate 2 years ago was thrown out and last years petition wasn't even...
  12. STEVO

    My Nye

    my nye night
  13. R

    Recommend Fireworks Like These

    Hi I want to start a new thread whereby users can ask what fireworks are similar to requests. To kick things off, for example I am looking for a firework similar to Firework Crazy - Cross by Lesli Fireworks A rapid shooting fan cake without any breaks, just colour and crackles. Please let me...
  14. JdmBoy

    Halloween Fireworks? Haalllllpp!

    My Mrs loves Halloween, So I'd like to get some Halloween fireworks for her, The Dracula fountain at Tesco is a must, But can't seem to find anything else even at my local fireworks store..
  15. Gaz

    Weco Fireworks 2016

    Well, recently I have been going over our last year post, we all know weco are a good match for a supermarket and start up shops, but one question keeps remaining, are we going to see a return. It would be nice to see a variety out now considering supermarkets are just sticking to the one brand...
  16. Gaz

    Latifs Fireworks 2016

    Mentioned in chat, Latif's have started publishing fireworks online. no brochure have been seen online just yet. But i will keep my eyes peeled.