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  1. First Strike Fireworks

    Hello From First Strike Fireworks Suffolk

    Hi there, Would like to just say hi to everyone and look forward to being an active member of seasonal traditions, looks like a great community. I'm based in Suffolk and currently stock hallmark fireworks who have some great new pieces this year. Hope to see you around Jake
  2. Z

    Firework Stash List's 2020.

    What kind of fireworks are people going for this year; what company? I'm looking into more loudness from Bright-stars, Viper... etc.
  3. Asad Shafiq

    Is This Good?

    I got Lidl Lightning box, Master blaster tnt selection box, Silver Lynx tnt selection box, start struck tnt selection box and £5 power shot roman candles from Asda. Are these good or do i need more.
  4. Rich

    Dumdum 25 Shot Sib.....

    And no that's not a typo, Dumdum is a new 25 shot sib from Ghengis Fireworks. Now the Dumbum has a big following and I'll be keen to fire the dumdum and make a direct comparison. It'll be very interesting to see how loud this really is in comparison to the legendary cake it's taking on...