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  1. Fazer

    Christmas Specials 2016

    Here are the Christmas specials for 2016! Im sure there will be loads more too add over the next few weeks! :) BBC CALL THE MIDWIFE AWFUL AUNTIE REVOLTING RHYMES MRS BROWN'S BOYS DOCTOR WHO LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX THE REAL MARIGOLD HOTEL NOT GOING OUT (POSSIBLE) TO WALK INVISIBLE : THE BRONTE...
  2. gaz

    Tesco Christmas 2016

    My local Tesco has slowly started their frozen prep Christmas food out.
  3. Fazer

    Christmas Tv Adverts 2016

    I really enjoyed this thread last year in the countdown to Christmas so I think its time we got it started up again. It wont be too long before they are all back on our tv screens! :D
  4. gaz

    Aldi Christmas 2016

    First signs of Christmas 2016 in their brochure. Cuvee royal advent calendar £19.99.
  5. gaz

    Supermarket Christmas Pies 2016

    Tesco christmas pies mince pies £1.50 and the tarts £1.
  6. gaz

    Christmas Sandwiches 2016

    Almost everywhere does Christmas Sandwiches these last few years, So like last year, i will officially start the thread. Post up any special deals or one-off finds of Christmas Sandwiches. Again please post the store name, Price and image/or links.
  7. gaz

    Christmas Advents 2016

    This year I thought it would be a good idea to get one of these Christmas advent calendars threads open, As some of us have kids, and we are on the look out closer to Christmas, It would be an idea if we find any cheap deals to post them up. This is for the UK only, Preferred format: Store...
  8. gaz

    Latifs Christmas 2016

    I have just noticed Latifs Christmas range If anyone is interested. :)