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  1. AdamAdstar

    Halloween 2018 photos of my display.

    Bit late, but here is my display for Halloween 2018. Quite a few photos. Enjoy. .
  2. AdamAdstar

    Started decorating (2018)

    Will decorate the stairs on Halloween day with all my lights/plushies as I still need to use it (lol), but yeah I recycled some old bunting and window clings that I don't really use and stuck em up with blue tack. Only new things this year are the Skeleton Devil from Sainsburys and the Mermaid...
  3. Somersetpyro

    2018 Must Haves

    It's always good to have a wish list going, which fireworks are people most looking forward to this year? Can be new for 2018 or just products you're yet to have but will be getting for the first time :) I'm really liking the look of the Primed Full House box, finances permitting i'm hoping to...