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  1. J

    Gallery of old pyro

    Brilliant stuff!
  2. J

    Sparklers leftover

    Lovely packaging on the Standard sparklers. Nice to see that design of the repeated logo on light blue background on the newer Visage selection box cakes etc. these days.
  3. J

    Cosmic group rockets

    Various rockets by the once great Cosmic Fireworks group. Brands under this umbrella in this video include Dynasty, Jumping Jack Flash, Golden Lion, Cosmic and imported Weco.
  4. J

    Astra rockets - Cosmic group

    Various small to medium Astra labelled rockets produced by Cosmic.
  5. J

    Golden eagles with speckled eggs - Golden lion rockets

    Variations of the Golden Eagles with Speckled Eggs rockets by Golden Lion showcased in the below video.
  6. J

    Gallery of old pyro

    Brilliant stuff @cossi. Never seen that Rocket Eaters by Firework Factor's before. Hope you still have those Apache rockets I asked you for a couple years back, I'm finally getting a motor in the next week or two so will finally make a trip down if you do!
  7. J

    Super Stealth, Turbo, Super Turbo rockets

    Super Stealth, Turbo, Suped Turbo rockets by Cosmic Fireworks
  8. J

    Golden Lion rockets

    Amazing rockets by Golden Lion
  9. J

    Gallery of old pyro

    More Golden Lion, Cosmic, Black Cat & Sandling Fireworks
  10. J

    Gallery of old pyro

    I've never really collected royal party. I only have the Supreme 6, a small selection box and a couple of small cakes. I think El Nino and one or two others.
  11. J

    Gallery of old pyro

    I've just had a collection of rockets come through yesterday. I'll post pics tomorrow morning if I can
  12. J

    Gallery of old pyro

    It isn't all mine, probably around 70% is and the rest I didn't have the funds available when offered and went to other homes